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Murk Resource, Inc. ("Murk") is an idea factory helping members with ideas, connecting them to resources and serving as a promotional agency.  Murk assists members with an opportunity to increase their exposure, advance, promote and manage their projects.

Fee for Service: The inaugural membership in Murk Resource is free.  Members pay a 15% fee for all projects or activities booked or completed by Murk.

Website: Members are listed on the website with a page which includes: Bio, Photo, Topic, Pages/Theme Pages and will be included in the web search engine marketing and marketing to specific venues.

Self -Managed web pages: In addition to the general website listing, for a nominal fee, members can manage their web pages with updates of appearances, new topics and pictures.

Resources: Members will have access to a directory of resources.

Idea Factory: Members can participate in the Idea Factory which includes: One on one with Murk founder; Monthly idea forum conference call where members can discuss ideas and resources with other members or tell what you are doing; receive a monthly Idea Factory newsletter; and access to valuable information on the resource page.

Email Marketing: Murk has extensive email contacts and members can expect email marketing campaigns on regular basis.

What Can MURK Do for You?

  • Help you who do not have a well known brand name built.
  • Market your services to colleges, universities, school districts and other organizations.
  • Seek venues for your service.
  • Handle price negotiations and contract fulfillment.
  • Give you a boost in getting paid engagements.