A Note from Murk's Creator: Eleanor Murkey Print

Eleanor is concerned with education meeting the needs of the whole person.  She believes that each person is born perfect and divinely provided with limitless potential.  She is a dynamic teacher and life coach.  She is an inspirational speaker who shares her personal story of resiliency, triumph and success that led her from a young girl classified as EMH (educational mental handicap) to Dean of a multi-million dollar college campus and encourages and motivates youth and adults to know that their past is not their potential.

Eleanor has a unique gift as a sounding board with a special blend of creativity, development and management.  She has great leadership skills that she has used to encourage countless young people and participants in her workshops to stretch beyond ordinary expectations.  She has assisted friends and associates with various projects and initiatives including the startup of 10 organizations and 12 businesses, the production of 3 CD projects and three books.

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